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If you normally spray more than a quart of material per batch you should consider a pressure feed set-up. A pressure feed set-up generally provides better control of fluid pressure and better atomization than gravity and siphon feed spray guns. Dual regulators provide adjustment of atomization and tank air pressure at the cup or tank. However, a single regulator on a 2 quart cup with a 6 ft. hose set is common. These set-up selections also offer either the industry standard rubber hoses set, or very light weight polyurethane hose sets. By no means are these the only set-ups we have in stock. Please contact us for a set-up configured your way.

Typical installation of a pressure cup or tank is shown below with single or dual regulators on the cup or tank. When using a single regulator cup or tank, a wall regulator is recommended to adjust air atomization pressure at the spray gun. We also offer accessories such as air purification, coalescers, and quick disconnects.

Single regulator cups and tanks require the air pressure for atomization regulated at extractor with regulator, and fluid pressure at the single regulator on the tank or cup.

Dual regulator cups and tanks are used in portable painting operations. Air pressure for atomization and fluid supply are individually regulated by two individual air regulators on the tank or cup.


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