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Replacement Lid Gasket – 12.5 Gallon Pressure Tank (51-890)


The replacement pressure tank gasket is used to seal the lid of the pressure tank to the tank bottom.  Typically when the gasket is worn it will start to leak air pressure.   

This replacement gasket fits the following pressure tank models and brands:

  • All C.A. Technologies 12.5 gallon stainless steel pressure tanks (51-880, 51-881, 51-882, 51-883, 51-884, 51-885, 51-940, 51-941, 51-942, 51-943, 51-944, 51-945)

*If your 12.5 gallon tank is not listed above, please measure the inside and outside diameter of the groove that the gasket sits in on the underside of the pressure tank lid.  If the diameters match or are extremely close to the specs listed below, this gasket could work as a possible replacement.  Not all 12.5 gallon tanks have the same dimensions or use the same size gasket.