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Apollo DR3001-PRO Cart & DR3002-PRO Cart Disinfecting HVLP Turbine Spray Systems – 2.5 Gallon Pressure Tank


Apollo Turbo Spray DR Series - (DR3001-PRO & DR3002-PRO)

The Apollo DR3001/2 PRO Cart Turbo Spray system has been designed for heavy-duty, high-volume commercial use. This powerful system includes a professional variable-speed air turbine, a 30’ Ultra-Flex™ air hose and a professional spray gun with internal stainless-steel fluid passages, springs and finite solution adjustment. The system atomizes disinfectants into micro-fine particle sizes and up to 10” wide spray patterns for complete, even surface coverage while the multi-stage air intake filtration protects the system from contaminants for years of reliable service.

The DR3001-PRO is a single user system and combines the DR3000-PRO with the PRO CART for disinfecting large areas. The PRO CART includes a 2.5 gallon pressure tank, on board compressed air and storage for your DR3000-PRO Turbo Spray System. Complete portability is achieved with 10” wheels, capable of running up and down stairs as needed. Whether you’re spraying a fleet of trucks and trailers, disinfecting your office, restaurant or gym the DR3000-PRO will be there to deliver reliable, safe and even distribution of your EPA approved Covid-19 disinfectant or sanitizer solution of choice. The DR3002-PRO is for larger area coverage and includes 2 spray guns for simultaneous use.

The Turbo Spray Systems are supplied in either 110 or 220 volts for worldwide use and backed by Apollo’s 2-year limited warranty.

Use to disinfect, sanitize, decontaminate, and deodorize restaurants, grocery stores, schools, health care facilities, offices, hotels, theaters and sports venues quickly and efficiently!


Ammonia Warning!

DO NOT USE any liquid spray materials containing Ammonia in the DR5010 spray gun, included with the DR3001-PRO Cart or DR3002-PRO Cart systems, as it may react with the aluminum cup and become flammable.