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Apollo PRECISION-5 HVLP Turbospray (Turbine) Package

$ 1,869.00

The Apollo TrueHVLP™ PRECISION-5 HVLP Turbospray (Turbine) Package gives you more power plus ultimate precision!  The PRECISION-5 gives you 21% more power, refined engineering and optimized performance.  You will experience 80%-90% TE (Transfer Efficiency) and a cleaner work environment with Apollo Sprayers Turbospray HVLP spray systems; the easiest to use HVLP spray finishing systems available.  Apollo’s gentle warm dry turbo air ensures no moisture contamination in your finish or your work.  If you spray higher viscosity or more difficult to atomize finish products you will be amazed how the PRECISION-5 can atomize those finishes, all with the least amount of overspray.  Apollo Sprayers higher pressure ensures your ability to spray the coatings of your choice with less compromise.

The Apollo Model PRECISION-5 is the worlds most advanced HVLP Turbo paint spray system ever! The PRECISION-5 was named a Semi-Finalist in the IWF Challenger's Award for technological and environmental innovation in 2014.

Here are some of the reasons why…

  • Apollo’s exclusive 5 stage motor technology provides industry leading atomizing pressure for a finer finish and faster application
  • PRECISION:Pressure Control System (PCS™) controls motor speed, voltage and amperage adjusting automatically for altitude and barometric pressure assuring precise atomizing pressure worldwide
  • POWER:Documented 80% transfer efficiency and 38% savings on coating when compared with compressed air systems.
  • Throttle Back Control (TBC™)– Permits highest available flow pressure and increased motor longevity.
  • LCD Message Center– Accurate Pressure Display – Motor Idle – Temperature – Hour Use Meter
  • Apollo’s exclusive filter warning system keeps your system running at peak efficiency and protects against motor damage


The PRECISION-5 can be used to spray a wide range of low to high viscosity finishes on wood projects, cars, boats, planes, fencing and more with the least amount of overspray.  Excellent results when spraying all solvent-based materials: stains, lacquers, enamels, polyurethanes, catalyzed finishes, conversion varnishes, and linear polyurethanes as well as HVLP compatible waterborne coatings and more.  The PRECISION-5 will produce a professional high quality finish that suits professional and home-based operations.

The PRECISION-5 Turbospray (Turbine) package is available with the Award Winning AtomiZer® 7700 spray gun or a superb range of performance proven Apollo designed HVLP spray guns.  In addition, the package is available with either a 1 Qt. Aluminum Cup or the 3M PPS H/O disposable liner & lid cup system which allows for easy cleanup, short term coating storage and the ability to spray at any angle even upside down without losing fluid flow!


For further nozzle or spray gun customization, please contact us!