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Customer Comments

“I cant thank you enough for your help - you personally redefine customer service. I sure hope you get a lot of satisfaction out of it because you make people have trust in the world again....”
- Paul.

“Good Morning Eddie!
I purchased a Cat X (EP-CAT-X-B-W-PPS) system from you last year and used it to restore an antique tractor. The gun worked beautifully (no surprise there) per your recommendation.
I greatly appreciate your help!”
- C. G.

“You are every bit as good, if not better than Amazon. Finish Systems will definitely go on my preferred vendor list.”
- B. H. North Carolina

“A few years ago I ordered an economy kit from you AFS1306, and I'm happy to report that it has worked flawlessy all this time. I don't use it full time, but I do use it quite a bit and for the money it can't be beat.”
- G. R. Benton, ME

“I feel I need to say Thank You for the fast service on the spray cap. Eddie and Nancy are great folks and very knowledgeable. I am so glad I have your information now. I will be pruchasing all of my spray items from C.A. Tech in the future.”
- J. C. Hayward, CA

“I would like to thank Bob Kelley for outstanding service. When I called Finish Systems Bob answered, his willingness to explain all my questions about the J100H was very impressive. He handled the sale perfectly and upon receipt of the gun I had more questions which he took the time to explain in detail. He made my experience with your company a real joy. Thanks.”
- B. F., Luck, WI

“I love my C. A. Technologies H2O Pump! Thank You. Been in use for a few weeks now……flawlessly! I will be in contact soon for some additional finishing products. Very impressive company.”
- Dennis, Port Orange, FL

"I am SO THRILLED with the APOLLO A7500QT gun and its performance."
- S.S., TX

"Best purchase I have made on a spray system ever!"
- R.D., Waukesha, WI

"Greetings again Eddie:
A most heartfelt and sincere thank you for your technical knowledge and assistance during my ordering of the new APOLLO A7500QT paint spray gun in conjunction with extra nozzle sets and 3M PPS system.
I have been literally pursuing this spray system for two years and you sorted out my needs in one phone call. Please forward my complements to DA BOSS MAN OR BOSS LADY.
I say wonderful Company wonderful service."
- S.S., Lorena, TX

"I have a question I hope you can help with, but first to give some kudos on my last experience with Finish Systems. I needed a new HVLP spray gun last year and had some questions. I ended up calling the company directly, and was quickly able to talk directly with someone who was knowledgeable about your products, helpful, and friendly. I don't recall who I spoke with, but I came away impressed with your company's attitude towards customer service, which seemed to really be a priority. Thanks for the great service!"
- D.C., TX

"I just spoke to Eddie who helped me a lot with matters concerning caps and needles for my Asturo 4008WB, I really appreciated his advice and help. You probably don't recall, but you helped me a lot when I was starting a few years back. I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated that."
- T.R., WI

"Hi Eddie,
I LOVE the adhesive equipment outfit that i bought from you. What a gret asset to our company. I have referred you to a couple of other companies because of tthe success I'm having with the sprayer. Thank you."
- Scott, Atlanta, GA

- J.R. - CO

"Got it......thanks, Eddie,
I got the gun working.....you are correct, the spring loaded shaft in the air/mixture module needed internal lube. I used A&D Ointment.....it solves diaper rash, split fingertips, and now.....Spray Guns!!!!!"
- R.K. - MO

"Dear Eddie,
The SATA 3000K-HVLP spray gun works like a dream. Couldn't have asked for better. We will come to you for parts for the gun. Thank you very much!"
- Vincent - NY

I had a hiccup with a seal on the gun which you helped me with to repair. The New Asturo 5008WB gun works really well. I have done several mobile restoration jobs and the 6 cfm it requires is no problem to supply. Thanks for the great service."
- Don - IL

It was a pleasure speaking with you today. Thanks for your help with my questions. I hope to give you some more of our Texas money in the future. Check out our website and see what you are helping to create. www.painthousetx.com"
- R.B. - TX

Thanks for all the great advice and recommendations. These SATA guns, models 5000B-HVLP and Mini-Jet 4400B-HVLP are blowing my mind! I had no idea that sprayed lacquer coats could be this sweet. Flat, no over-spray and way less product being used and easier wet sanding too. Used to get areas where the higher nozzle pressure (30-35 psi) would sort of pile up lacquer in certain edges on guitars. It was a given for many years and I would just spend time leveling them. That is not the case now. FLAT EVERYWHERE! I'm glad I got the gun refulators as they dial it in even better."
- Gary B., Spring Creek, NV

"Thanks for the follow up contact. Everything is working very well. Thank you and your company for a good product and great sales service. If I need anything in the future I'll be sure to give you folks a shout."
- H. M.

"I just wanted to say thank you for providing an excellent experience in my recent purchase. My first purchase of spray gun equipment was with another internet retailer and my recent attempt to purchase additional parts for my AOM gun was a frustrating experience. The retailer only provided customer support via email which commonly resulted in responses require 24-48 hours to receive. Also a confusing and delayed order processing time that resulted in additional shipping charges being added to purchase total after completing purchase online. My order took nearly 5 business days to complete at which time I decided to cancel.
In search for a new online retailer, I came across your website. Seeing you had a toll free customer service number I called to ask a few questions. The older gentleman I spoke too was courteous and helpful but was unsure if he had the best answer. Within a couple hours I received a call from another rep (Eddie) who was very knowledgeable and provided me with some very useful suggestions on resolving my spray gun issues. Eddie also checked with another employee that was highly experienced with spray equipment. On our second conversation, which was returned quickly, he offered up a couple more suggestions. One suggestion being a possible fix that addressed my issue of not wanting to spend too much money. What impresses me the most is that he did not try to sell me something he wasn't sure I needed at this point in the problem. I found this highly respectful and was greatly appreciated. Even though that day, Eddie did not sell me any equipment, he provided something of much greater value which was exceptional customer service. I did eventually order the equipment recommend by him but not until I got a chance to attempt to resolve the issue based on the free, helpful advice by your associate(s).
I just wanted to say thank you for taking your time and sharing your knowledge with me."
Best Regards, - J.D. MN

"Just wanted to let you know, Katy, that we did receive the parts that we needed today and it really got us out of a jam. Just wanted you to know that it was greatly appreciated and also say thank you very much for arranging to get those shipped out yesterday." - P.P. Lewiston, ME

"Hi Eddie. I found a brand new hose set in the shop. I enjoyed talking with you. It is rare to find knowledgeable, helpful support these days. I will definitely be back to buy more, and I will do my best to refer you new business from SC. Thanks for your help." - Paul, SC

"Eddie, I just wanted you to know that I am very pleased with the Apollo A7500 guns. They are the best guns I have ever used with a turbine system. I went ahead and installed the pressure relief valve on my old Wagner turbine and all worked fine. Had plenty of air for spraying. Thanks again for your help and filling the order." - Randy, Columbus, OH

"Thanks so much for the recommendation on this system and the new AOM-ASturo 5008WB-H gun. I used it last night to spray some oak lockers I'm building and it was a fantastic experience. The gun worked great and the compressor kept up. Finish looks great this morning, best job yet! Using the 3M system was a real joy. To be able to position the gun at any angle and not worry about spillage was a great benefit. The cup system made clean up super easy. I can't wait to use this all again soon. It's like the Cadillac of finishing for me - night and day. Thanks for all the time that was spent asking the right questions and trying to figure out my needs vs. just selling me what I thought I wanted. The time spent with me yesterday allowed me to have the confidence I needed in setting up the new system and cleaning it all up. You guys were great to work with!" - Steve Lindenhurst, IL

"I just ordered replacement parts this week from your company through the website. In this day and age of poor service and mis-orders I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for providing the correct products we need at a great price and shipped extremely fast! I look forward to doing more business with you in the future." - S.B., New Jersey

"Hi. I ordered an Accuspray 10 from you guys. Just wanted to say thanks for everything from your patience to customer service. I'm writing great reviews and will be ordering anything that I need as long as you guys carry it. Thanks again!" - Adam

"Fast shipping and the quality of the tank is perfect! I'll be ordering another very soon!" - S.S. Arlington Heights, IL

“Hi , I wanted to thank you for all of your help with my new mini-jet system. I was intimidated at first but everything went very smoothly. Yes, you do have to clean the gun often and well but it works great and I'm glad I ordered the longer hoses and could make the adjustments right on the scaffolding instead of climbing down every-time!" - K. K., Florida

"Hello... I just placed an order on the phone with the NICEST woman; I am so sorry that I didn't get your name... I really just wanted to say "THANK YOU" for your pleasant personality, your patience, and kindness. More folks in this world should be just like YOU. Thank you again!!! Hope you all have a wonderful vacation; take care!!" - Kim, Plattsburgh, NY

"I was looking to purchase the 2.5 gallon resin mold dating pot (51-201C). After having a Harbor Freiht pot blow up today, I'm doing what I should have done first....bought something good. The question I have is, besides hooking up a quick release for the air line is there any additional modifications that need to be performed? Needless to say, I'm a little gun shy at having to do any mods after today's incident I would be using the pot for casting Alumilite together with wood.
Thank you, and looking forward to doing business with you." - J.M.

"Hi, I started to see if you have a catalog, but after taking a good look at your website, without the wait to load up a page - Very Nice - and having the materials lay out so you can find everything. ALl of the glitter comes in the order of products, and not on left on the site. Thanks. My next order will have to be through Finish Systems." - N.S., Vuneland, NJ

"My NICE Accuspray Model 10 arrived yesterday and I put it together today and BOY it is really wonderful. I"m not used to having anything new, so it was kinda scary 'cause you have to shoot something thru it to get it going at first. NICE gun! I will enjoy it many years to come! And many thanks again !!!" - Carol L., California

"Thank you for bringing my spray gun and pressure pot up to date with USA made parts. I also want to thank you for your generosity in the additions made to my newest finishing spray gun. Your kindness is greatly appreciated." - Eileen B.V., Illinois

"I do pressure casting and I've been using the Harbour Freight pot and it really sucks. I love how you guys have the clamps set up, the other guys, the clamps dig into the lid, ruining the pot over time. I also love your pressure valve, it is far superior to the other type, and the already installed air diversion inside the lid is exactly what I needed. Thank you for a great product. I can't wait to get it set up and pour some plastics!" - J.P., Michigan

"Great information, Bob! RTI is a good company. I am not familiar with SMC. Well done Newseltter." - Jim S., Arizona

"Thanks for staying on the case and getting the air inlet fitting I needed for my old Accuspray gun. You guys are great!" - Larry Weber

"You guys are great. Love the newsletters and your service was great." - L.W., Highlands, NC

"I just saw one of your 2.5 gallon pots a friend just bought for casting. Best on the market, a real quality machine with nothing else coming close. Just thought you'd like to know." - Steve

"Thanks Jack and all at Finish Systems: Recently ordered the Asturo G70 with huge 4.0mm setup and the 2.5mm Gun works great, easy to clean and is very comfortable. Used your 15' poly. twin hose set (excellent). Thanks for all help." - K.K., Houston, TX

"I'm not sure who I dealt with, but on Monday I called looking for information on guns for use in my cabinet shop spraying pre-cat lacquer. I talked with a VERY helpful, patient, and knowledgeable gentleman that sold me a Sata LM 2000 HVLP, 10' hose, and a 2-1/2 gal. pressure pot. Find this guy and give him a raise...he knows his stuff.

Today is Thursday...it's already in my shop in Michigan, and I sprayed a bunch of test panels with it.

To say I'm "happy" with it is a gross understatement. This thing lays the pre-cat lacquer down nicer than my old tried-and-true Sharpe ever laid down automotive urethanes (in the bad old days when I was an automotive refinisher). I've never had an HVLP gun (we're talking automotive finishes, granted) that would satisfy me in terms of finish quality... I've had Sharpe...Binks...Devilbiss...even a hideously expensive Iwata... None of them would hold a candle to this. This setup actually sprays the pre-cat better than a siphon gun (forgetting the overspray and wasted material pluses) BETTER than a conventional siphon gun...and I never thought I'd say that.

What more can someone ask for? Fair price, GREAT service, lightning-fast shipping, and someone that knows their product 100%. Just another of my nine million reasons for "Why You Should Not Deal With Mass Merchandisers/Box Stores, etc."

Thanks again...I'll be back!" - J.S., Crystal, MI

"Hello Jack, Thank for the update, that's great news. I have to admit I am really excited now! I just wanted to thank you for all your help and patience. It's been a pleasure doing business with you and I even have someone else who may be interested in running the gauntlet and buying from you! With very best regards." - Tracey G., United Kingdom

"I wanted to say thanks to Bob at Finish Systems for his great customer service in helping me choose a spray gun. I love my new SATA. You guys will be highly recommended. Thanks!" - B.B., Winfield, KS

"I teach about once every six weeks and will offer your company name, website and the story surrounding your successful handling of my saga with the tip set. Your company will be the only one on my recommendation list regarding anything to do with spraying with my comment to call you first for any spraying needs." - Mike G., Atlanta, GA

"Jack, Thanks for all of your professional help! It's a pleasure to do business with someone who knows their job!!" - Kirk G., Quincy, IL

"Thanks, Jack. Your customer service sets a standard that other Internet companies should try to achieve. I will definitely be a repeat customer, as well as refer other people to you." - Lorne, San Rafael, CA

"I like your website especially the Forum Q & A stuff. It looks like I'd get good tech support from you. As a beginner that would be very important." - Jim H., Media, OH

"Thanks for your prompt service, I am returing the defective cup. You guys run a real professional organization." - Chris H., Havelock, NC

"Received your economy in-line air extractor/regulator today and was very impressed with quality and price." - Scott G., Canby, Oregon

"We use an ASTURO ECO/S for touch-up work. It is the best conversion gravity cup gun I have used. It is well engineered and simple, and easy to clean." - Joe C., Quray, Colorado

"I just wanted to say thank you Bob Kelley for your help in ordering my pressure pot. He was extremely helpful in giving me all the information I would need in making my choice and without sales pressure (no pun intended). Even after the sale he called to let me know of a very minor mix-up when I ordered. I've got the unit hooked up and it's working fine. Since my application is very small I don't see needing another one but if I should your Company will be my first choice and of course I will recommend you to anybody looking for your products. Again thank for the excellent service. - Dave E. B., Rochester, IN

"I like your website- it's easy to maneuver and get around." - Anson J. S., BOEING RTS

"That's kind of a dumb policy of BINKS. The no Internet pricing thing. What the heck do they want to avoid? Selling their stuff? Weird." - Tim A.

"FINISH SYSTEMS has the lowest ASTURO prices I can find on the net. I'm about to make a purchase and found that these guys know their stuff." - Craig W., Cleburne, TX

"Bob, I bought my ASTURO set-up (HVLP) several weeks ago. I finally had a chance to urethane my kitchen cabinets over the holiday weekend. They turned out great! Now it is on to all of my interior doors (6 panel maple). Considering the time saved on the kitchen cabinets, I should save mountains of time on these doors, Money well spent!" - Ron A., Nashotah, WI

"Thank you for replying to my e-mail in such a timely manner, so few companies on the internet do." - Ken B.