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Double Diaphragm Paint (Sprayers) Pumps

Double diaphragm pumps are a simple and proven means of spraying or transferring adhesives, coating, and stains. Common spray technologies are: compliant (HTE), conventional, and HVLP. Anything you can spray through a pressure pot you can spray with a diaphragm paint pump.

Compressed shop air operates these pumps at a 1:1 ratio of incoming air to fluid pressure. Either an accumulator or a fluid regulator, or both are used on the outlet side of the pump to smooth out the minor pulsation from a double diaphragm pump as it alternates from side to side. Unlike the basic diaphragm pump from an industrial supply house, which are capable of transferring products that have the viscosity of water. Diaphragm paint pumps are configured for the coating industry and are more robust, and have materials compatiable with all adhesives, coatings, and stains.

  • Double diaphragm movement
  • Will not shear - Good for adhesives
  • Handful of pump parts
  • Simple to understand and repair
  • Siphon hose pick-up 5 & 55 gallon
  • Quick product changes, no struggles with pot lids, clamps, or weight
  • High Volume; 6 to 10 GPM
  • Capable to supplying 6 spray guns
  • Stainless Steel Wet Parts
  • Compatible with acid and waterbase coatings
  • Cart, Pail, Drum, or Wall Mounted
  • For moblie or fixed applications
  • Low pump air consumption
  • 6 CFM for both Pump and Gun
  • Expandable from a pressure pot
  • Utilize your existing spray gun and hose
  • Optional 3-way color manifold
  • Turn a ball valve to switch between two colors and your cleaning solvent. This cannot be done with a pressure pot.

Aircraft, Automatic Spray Systems, Automotive Fleet Painting, Counter-Tops, Metal Fabrication Shops, Upholestery, Mold-Release, and Wood Finishing.

Adhesives, Enamels, Epoxy, Lacquers, Polyesters, Stains, Varnish, and Waterbase Coatings.