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RapidAir Compressed Air Aluminum Air Piping Compliance, Specifications, Warnings & Warranty Information


Maximum Operating Pressure @ 70 F. 175 psi 190 psi 150 psi
Maximum Operating Pressure @ 140 F. 140 psi
Temperature Range -40 F. to 140 F. -0 F. to 140 F. -40 F. to 180 F.

Aluminum Alloy Grade 6063-T5 Yes
Seamless Extruded to ASTM B241 Yes
Conforms to ASME B31.1 Yes
Conforms to NFPB UL94HB Fire Resistant and Flammability Std. Yes
Meets OSHA Guidelines Yes Yes

Adaptable to existing types of air piping Yes Yes Yes Yes
Compatible with Common Compressor Oils Yes Yes Yes
Push to Connect Fittings Yes
Composite Compression Fittings w/ Bite Ring & O-Ring Yes
Plated Brass Compression Fittings w/ Dble. O-Ring & Split Ring Yes Yes


Compressed air is DANGEROUS if not used properly.

Always use EYE PROTECTION when using compressed air.

DO NOT POINT compressed air at your body or another person.

Pressurize system SLOWLY.

TURN OFF air compressor when not in use.

CHECK local building codes before installation.

CALIFORNIA PROP 65: The MAXLINE product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

ALWAYS RELIEVE the system pressure when installing or performing maintenance.

Systems must have a SAFETY RELIEF valve installed at the compressed air source to prevent over pressurization.

When using FASTPIPE in direct sunlight, cover or paint the polymer fittings to protect from UV exposure, (Aluminum pipe needs no covering and can be exposed to UV). FASTPIPE, ALR, and RAPID-AIR are not designed:
  • for underground burial
  • to electrically ground equipment
  • to be welded
  • to take violent impacts
  • to be used where the compressed air temperature is above 140 degrees F.
  • for environments of caustic or corrosive chemicals.


The compressed air system components are guaranteed against defects resulting from faulty workmanship or materials for a period of One Year (1) from the time of purchase. The company will replace free of charge, any products which are found to be defective in workmanship or material, provided that the following conditions are met:
  • The company is promptly notified in writing of such defect immediately upon discovery, and the defective product is returned to the company for inspection.

  • The defect is not due, without limitation to faulty installation, misalignment of the product, vibration, ordinary wear and tear, corrosion, ultraviolet degradation.
Operation outside the products specified limits and using the product for uses other than its intended compressed air use. The company will not allow claims for labor, materials and/or other expenses required to replace the defective product, or to repair and damage resulting from the use thereof. The company's liability is limited to the purchase price of the product.

It is agreed and understood that the company's liability in respect to the sale is strictly limited to the replacement of products as specified.

The company shall not, in any event be liable for any damage or loss of use, injury or death, business interruption or any claim for incidental, special or punitive damages.

Warranty claims should be addressed to the customer service department of ENGINEERED Specialties, LLC.