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3M™ General Use Masking Tape 201+ Tan (24 mm x 55 m, 4.4 mil)


The 3M™ General Use Masking Tape 201+ is a cost-effective solution for light- to medium-duty applications.  It uses a proprietary, solvent-free adhesive formula that removes cleanly in one piece with no adhesive residue and it can withstand surface temperatures up to 200°F/93°C for 30 minutes.  In addition, the 201+ sticks instantly to most surfaces, including metal, rubber, glass, wood, painted surfaces and plastic while removing cleanly in one piece.  The light tan crepe-paper backing conforms to irregular surfaces, tears easily and resists slivering.  The low unwind force needed on this tape allows for rapid application and improved handling.  Overall, the 3M™ 201+ is an ideal, every day-use tape that sticks confidently yet removes cleanly and conveniently. Make it your go to tape today!