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Performance Series 15 Gallon Paint Pressure Tank with Pneumatic Agitation (mixer)

$ 1,305.00

The Performance Series 15 gallon, non-ASME, pressure tank (pressure pot) comes configured with dual regulators and pneumatic agitation (mixer).  The tank is constructed of heavy gage steel with a baked on enamel finish and has wheels for maneuverability or optional stationary feet. 



  • Top outlet tank with a 3/8” NPS male fluid outlet
  • ¼” NPS male air inlet & outlet
  • Tank inside diameter is 14.5”
  • Tank inside depth is 21.5”
  • Dual regulators
  • Pneumatic agitation (mixer can be run independently of tank – requires up to 10 cfm. We recommend that the agitation air motor receive 1 drop of 30 weight lubricant weekly.)
  • Dual mixing blades
  • Galvanized steel pickup tube comes with a reusable screen
  • Includes a 1 ¼” fill port on tank lid for filling without removing the lid
  • Includes removable stainless steel tank liner
  • Includes casters for maneuverability
  • Maximum pressure rating of 80 psi
  • Safety relief valve
  • Vent valve


*(Please note that bag liners are available for the 15 gallon tanks, please reference 51-543-10 (10 pack) or 51-543-100 (100 pack). Additional stainless steel liners are available (part number 51-739SS) as well as a stainless steel pick-up tube (part number 7550-56SS)).  


NOTICE: We want to make prospective paint pressure tank customers aware of corrosion issues using water base coatings, and especially water solutions in steel baked on enamel coated pressure tanks, or aluminum 2 quart cups.

Coatings and solutions contained in these closed steel baked on enamel coated tanks will develop rust over time as the result of the 100% humidity where the film is broken around the gasket ring welds, plated steel fittings, and underside of the lid.  When pressure tanks are in everyday use of coatings and solutions contain water we recommend stainless steel pressure tanks.

Aluminum 2 quart cups can also develop rust (white powder) when coatings and solutions are stored in the cup for an extended amount of time. However this corrosion does not occur when the cup is cleaned and air-dried after each use.