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Repair Kit for Fluid Section on C.A. Technologies Air Assist Airless 14:1 Standard & Peak Performance Fine Finish Pump

$ 106.50

This repair kit is for the fluid section on the standard and Peak Performance models of the C.A. Technologies 14:1 Air-Assist Airless (AAA) pump.

This air motor repair kit includes the following parts:

  • 98-0204 – Cotter Pin
  • 74-124 – Gasket
  • 98-7125 - O-Ring
  • 74-125 – Seal/Guide Assembly-Upper (standard seal)
  • 98-8020 - O-Ring
  • 98-8025 – O-Ring
  • 74-130 – Seal/Guide Assembly-Lower
  • 98-8017 – O-Ring

    Repair kits typically contain most seals, gaskets, and O-rings. Please review the pump air motor diagram to see all items contained in the repair kit in more detail.

    *(Please note that this repair kit contains the standard upper seal for the fluid section. If you have the V-Packing upper seal for the fluid section, please reference repair kit part # 10-117V).