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4 Ideas for Air Tool Maintenance

When air tools aren't maintained, they can cause big problems at your jobsite, including delay projects or shut down your facility. Worse, when these pneumatic tools aren't maintained or used correctly, they can cause injury. 

air tools and pneumatics

Finish Systems has a few ideas for your pneumatics:

1. Maintain your air tools

Maintenance includes ensuring people inspect your air tools. 

2. Go with the flow ... the right flow

Use the appropriate air pressure and flow, according to your manual.  

3. Get an audit

Audits ensure you're using your tools correctly. People providing audits can also determine leaks and other issues.

4. Train staff

Make sure you're training people at your plant or shop to ensure they're using your air tools safely and correctly.

Air tools help keep jobs moving and when used correctly, and safely, paint and finish your products expertly. 


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