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Wood Finishing Done Right – with Wagner and C.A. Technologies Spray Equipment

Finding the right finishing equipment to put the final touches on any woodworking project is always a challenge.  There are so many brands and spray technologies to consider when making an investment in your wood finishing process; it can really be overwhelming.  But you know what’s at stake –getting that perfect finish while being efficient or having to do a lot of re-work only to have the end result come out mediocre.  

Well, the good news is Wagner/C.A. Technologies (CAT) is a well-known brand and offers various technologies for the wood finisher. This manufacturer of professional-grade finishing equipment has many options.  Whether you’re looking for equipment to spray small jobs or just need help on a production work level they have something for everyone.

How to choose equipment

When trying to decide the best equipment for any project, it’s always good to look at the following, the …

  • Size and scope of work that needs to be completed
  • Frequency in which you will need to finish,
  • Type of material you‘ll be applying

By considering these three topics in advance, you‘ll avoid many of the purchasing pitfalls that can arise when looking to improve your wood finishing process.  When considering these topics, it is best to look at the specific spray technologies and material supply options that most effectively meet your requirements.

The most common spray technologies used for wood finishing would include low pressure HVLP or Reduced Pressure (RP) and medium pressure Air-Assist Airless (AAA)/AirCoat options [link to related content].  The low pressure HVLP and RP technologies can work well for small to large projects depending on the material supply options selected.  Medium pressure AAA/AirCoat technology is perfect for production level finishing where the scope of work is larger, and the frequency of finishing is high.  This technology offers a soft spray application similar to HVLP technology but at a much faster work speed.  The finishing time and money saved on material with AAA technologies makes it a very attractive option for many wood finishers.

In addition to the application portion of any spray system, there are many material supply options available for low-pressure spray equipment.  These include smaller gravity or bottom-feed pressure cups to larger remote two quart pressure cups and pressure tanks.  The best choice will depend on, as above, the size of your project, frequency of finishing and the type of material that is being used.  For larger projects, the remote pressure cups and tanks can help save the time typically needed for re-filling a smaller direct feed cup.  In addition, these pressure feed cups also allow the finishers to spray thicker materials and, in some situations, may be a great fit for water base finishes as some of the options offer water resistant features to help with corrosion concerns.

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C.A. Technologies Air-Assist-Airless (AAA) 14:1 Bobcat Peak Performance Pump – Cart Model Set-Up

The Air Assist Airless pump from C.A.Technologies is an all stainless 14:1 ratio pump for production fine finish spraying of wood or other fine finish applications. The new 14:1 Peak Performance Series pump incorporates a new completely redesigned air motor that features a stationary magnet poised for endurance and longevity. This simple direct acting valve is also resistant to icing, has a long-life carbon fiber cylinder, and integrated noise suppression design for quiet operation. The fluid section is all stainless featuring a non-contact pump tube that never wears out. Also featured is a cartridge style piston seal and guide for quick field replacement. This unit has a large capacity solvent cup and 360-degree fluid inlet/outlet orientation.

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Wagner GM 4700AC AirCoat (Air Assist Airless - AAA) Manual Spray Gun - (411 Tip)

ca technologies spray gun

The Wagner GM 4700AC AirCoat (AAA) spray gun is designed for production wood and metal finishing. Features include lightweight design, stainless steel fluid passages, and an integrated disposable with patented, inside-out filter flow. The handle is ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue, fitting comfortably in any size hand. The trigger pull has been designed to be ultra-light resulting in less muscle strain and operator fatigue. An innovative trigger safety has also been integrated into the gun to provide optimum safety. The specially designed high quality AirCoat nozzle provides the best atomization and lifetime while distributing the material in a uniform pattern to create a perfect finishing result. Its soft edges on the spray pattern allow an overlapping of spray tracks while achieving a uniform layer thickness.   

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C.A. Technologies CAT-X Gravity Feed HVLP & RP Spray Gun (Model "B" Black-Teflon Coated - Woodworking Kit)

C.A. Technologies is proud to introduce its new CAT-X professional grade spray gun. The CAT-X provides extreme atomization, handle ergonomics, and fluid delivery superior to all the competitive guns on the market today. This item includes the HVLP air cap and the reduced pressure (compliant) air cap which allows the ability to switch between the two spray technologies simply by changing the air cap, making it one of the most versatile spray guns on the market for a wide array of coatings!

The Cat-X has 100% stainless steel fluid passage, enabling the nozzle and needle to be a perfect spray gun for water-based coatings.  In addition, the CAT-X comes in a black anodized model with a Teflon™ hard coat for easy cleaning. 

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C.A. Technologies T2 Glaze HVLP Gravity Feed Professional Mini Spray Gun - (CA-T2-GLAZE)

The C.A. Technologies T2 Glaze kit is designed to give finishers the option of being able to spray their glaze on the surface (great for shading) or lay a bead of material with precision. The glaze nozzle works without air and enables you to lay the smallest bead of material on your surface; it’s great for placing the glaze in raised door panels or special projects.
cat spray gun
The T2 Glaze kit also comes with the standard nozzle set which offers HVLP compliance and low air consumption of 4 CFM. This functionality makes this spray gun ideal for any touch up situation. The T2 can be used with a range of coatings from top-coats to stains.  The mini spray gun comes standard with a 150 ml aluminum and 125 ml plastic cup as well as 3 nozzle sets. The T2 is the perfect professional mini spray gun for all of your detailing and touch ups projects!

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C.A. Technologies CAT-Xpress Pressure Feed RP & HVLP Spray Gun - (Spray Gun Only)

The new C.A. Technologies CAT-Xpress professional grade, pressure feed spray gun provides fine finish atomization results for both thick and thin finishing materials like you've never seen before. The CAT-Xpress offers extreme atomization, handle ergonomics, and fluid delivery superior to all the competitive guns on the market today! This patented, two-piece fluid nozzle will reduce the cost of wear on parts, and the single handed quick adjust fan control is designed for "on the fly," full-pattern modification for parts with various size geometries. Each CAT-Xpress is available as a "ready-to-spray" kit with multiple nozzles and needles for all types and ranges of coatings. The CAT-Xpress also includes the HVLP air cap and the pressure reduced (compliant) air cap to meet all codes and regulations throughout the U.S. Plus, it enables the user to switch between the two spray technologies simply by changing the air cap, making it one of the most versatile spray guns on the market! The CAT-Xpress spray gun is perfect for all general coating types as well as water-based finishes!

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C.A. Technologies Techline 2 Quart (Qt.) Pressure Cup - (Dual Regulators)

The Techline two-quart remote pressure cup from C.A. Technologies is simple in design and versatile in operation. This economically-priced pressure cup is strong enough to hold up to daily industrial and automotive operation and is designed for easy use and cleaning. The 51-132 (dual regulators) comes with a convenient carrying handle and an easy-open screw lid. The units have a bypass regulator, optional 2nd atomizing regulator (51-132 only), gage and a 50 PSI working pressure set with a safety pop off valve.

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C.A. Technologies 2.5 Gallon Paint Pressure Tank - (Dual Regulators)

pressure tank
The 2.5 gallon, non-ASME, pressure tank (pressure pot) from C.A. Technologies come configured with dual regulators (51-202) and no pneumatic agitation (mixer). The tank is constructed of heavy gage steel with a baked on enamel finish and has wheels for maneuverability or optional stationary feet.

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