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Does Your Air Compressor Need Service? 4 Signs

compressor service

Sometimes, you'll see obvious signs your air compressor needs service. It's noisy, dripping oil, etc. But you may not know about some signs where an air compressor still needs help that you may not notice right away.

1. 2,000 hours or the calendar

Air compressors need service every 2,000 hours or annually ... which ever comes first. 

2. Extreme conditions

The dirtier the environment of your jobsite, the more often you'll need to service your air compressor. Dust, dirt, and other particles can gum up your compressor. Automotive shops and woodworking mills are key examples of places that may need more more frequent service. 

3. Extreme weather

Finish Systems is in Wisconsin. So, we know a thing or two about cold weather. But hot weather can be just as problematic. Sorry Arizona, Texas, Colorado, and Florida! In fact, chances are good if you're in the Midwest or Rocky Mountain areas, you may need service more often.

If a service technician can't get out to help your facility right away, on hot days, you can use water to cool it down. We recommend, though, you get assistance.

4. Too much energy being used

It happens all the time. Companies are about to buy another air compressor when really, all they needed was an audit to reconfigure their current set up. Another telltale sign -- energy being used. Again, audits can help.

At Finish Systems, we may not sell compressor service, even if we do have sister companies that do (Compressed Air Technologies and Palmetto Compressors). But we can help you get the right gear for your jobsite.  

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