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“Listed” or “Certified to” – Listed and/or Certified products set a benchmark for product quality, performance, and safety providing you a point of reference. These words imply either third-party testing of equipment to insure compliance with industry recognized and accepted performance and safety standards, or in the case of European products a manufacturer “declaration of conformity” to a strict International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standard.


UL: Underwriters Laboratories - a nationally recognized independent nonprofit organization that writes standards and tests products for safety certification. 


ETL: Originally ETL Testing Laboratories, now IntertecTesting Services - a nationally recognized third-party product safety test lab.


ISO: International Organization for Standardization - the world’s largest developer and publisher of international product standards, ISO is a network of standards groups in 163 countries.


CSA: Canadian Standards Association - a nationally recognized and fully accepted, nonprofit standards group on a par with UL or ETL.


CE: The CE mark is the maker’s declaration that the product conforms to all applicable European Union standards. Any manufacturer can self-certify its product to CE.

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