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“Can you recommend one gun and set-up to spray almost everything?”

This request occurs weekly by phone and e-mail.  Our reply is “unfortunately not.” The variables that factor into the proper gun and set-up are the type of coating, viscosity, coating vehicle, container size, and compressor size. In upcoming newsletters we will be discussing why these variables contribute to the appropriate spray gun technology and set-up. 


An often overlooked yet simple and direct method of obtaining a proven spray technology and set-up recommendation is by contacting the coating manufacturer. Coating companies publish Product Data Sheets which are not to be confused with Material Safety Data Sheets (which provide information on the health and safety aspects of the coating). 


A fully loaded Product Data Sheet (PDS) will provide a wealth of information about the coating application side of the business. Generally, they start with the coatings' intended use, companion products, coverage, viscosity, application techniques, reducers, and spray gun recommendations. A good PDS provides spray gun recommendations for cup guns, pressure-feed, and airless equipment with recommended set-ups and air atomization pressure settings for each. If this information is not published on the Internet, a phone call to the coating company usually produces this valuable information. Providing us with this information quickly enables us to recommend a spray gun brand with a like set-up in which both of us will be satisfied with the finish.

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