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Features & Benefits of the FastPipe, ALR, MaxLine, & RapidAir Compressed Air Aluminum & Nylon Piping Systems

AMERICANIZED – Material and technical information are provided in familiar units of measure such as: FEET, INCHES, NPT, CFM, and PSI.

FASTPIPE RIGID ALUMINUM PIPE - Is leak-proof and extendable with other European and US aluminum pipe brands.

MAXLINE FLEXIBLE ALUMINUM PIPE - Is leak-proof and holds any bent shape and reduces fittings and labor on in-wall and burial installs. MAXLINE will intergrade with ridged FASTPIPE aluminum pipe to reduce fittings on complex penetrations and pipe-around. Available in 100’ and 300’ rolls which allows for even faster installations.

FAST & EASY ALUMINUM PIPE INSTALLATIONS – Due to lack of threading or soldering, using light- weight aluminum pipe and reusable compression fittings. Installs in 50% less time than traditional black pipe. Easily expand or modify existing aluminum pipe systems with ease.

ANTI-CORROSION – Clear anodized internal coating is standard on FASTPIPE. HDPE material is standard inside and outside MAXLINE aluminum pipe. Either pipe lining is compatible with all compressor oils. Paint defects, and expensive air tool damage are reduced due to lack of pipe rust. Clean air will extend the point of use air purification filters and is a must with water-base coatings. Aluminum pipe is a perfect complement to fresh air breathing systems.

POWDER COATED - Blue exterior aluminum pipe with smooth bores noticeably increases CFM flow by 15% with less pressure drop compared to black pipe. This may also result in a reduced pipe system size compared to using black pipe.

MODULAR COMPOSITE FITTINGS – Light weight and easily repositioned. Composite fittings require just “cut and push to connect” resulting in reduced install hours up to 50%, and is easily installed by semi-skilled labor. Eliminate a second scissors lift, and person, when installing 2” Aluminum pipe. Easily add additional drops by just drilling a hole in the aluminum pipe.

 - Cleaner air with better air flow-rate saves compressor electrical energy.

 - FASTPIPE and MAXLINE basic multi-purpose installation tools are affordable - Reduces the need for pricey tool rental deposits and return shipping.



RAPIDAIR is a 3/8” I.D. high pressure compressed air nylon tubing system for home and hobbyist made for a 150 psi maximum working pressure system. Choose from one of two Master Kits with easy push to connect fittings.


FASTPIPE and ALR pipe is available in: ¾”, 1”, 1-1/2”, 2”, 2-1/2” and 3”I.D sizes, and is a rigid seamless extruded alloy aluminum pipe internally anodized to prevent corrosion. Designed for air systems with 190 psi maximum working pressure.


MAXLINE is a flexible tube product with a blend of HDPE and aluminum in a modular piping system and available in: 1/2”, ¾”, and 1” I. D. sizes. These bendable sizes hold their shape, and are great for the serious hobbyist and industrial application; up to 175 psi maximum working pressure. MAXLINE and FASTPIPE can be used together on complex installations.



COMIMG SOON - DURATEC - A flexible tube product which holds their shape with a blend of HDPE and aluminum in a modular piping system. Which meets; NSF, FDA, Welding Gases, and OSHA specifications, with 175 psi maximum working pressure. Available in: 1/2”, ¾”, and 1” I. D. bendable sizes.



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