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How do I properly clean my spray equipment after using waterbase coatings?

Fairly often when discussing water base coatings the customer will ask “why are water base coatings so tenacious and sticking to my guns?”   We feel the quick drying water-reducible acrylic resins and the lack of a solvent in the water base coating to re-wet the acrylic resin is behind the build-up on your spray equipment.


Our recommendation to deal with this issue is to use stainless steel wet parts in your equipment, which you should already be using, and promptly flushing your equipment with a water solution containing 10% ammonia. We suggest you purchase the standard ammonia without the scented aromas at the food store because we do not know if these scented additives are compatible with your coating.


If the ammonia solution needs to be improved upon our second recommendation is our product #330-G1, which is a biodegradable waterbase concentrate, formulated to specifically clean or strip water base coatings. With a ratio of 8 to 20 ounces of concentrate to a gallon of tap water you will be amazed at the ease in which your spray equipment will clean up.

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