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What is Air Purification?

Air Purification
Air Dryer - Air Filtration

In addition to a spray gun and coating, clean dry air is important for a successful paint job. Some people call these components, air filters or air dryers. We are going to call these components Air Purification. These components should be located at a minimum of 30' from the compressor discharge of hot air. Any air purification filter absorbs best when the air is at room temperature. If space is limited, just coil up a 30' hose between the compressor and your air purification equipment. Notice our Filtration Micron Rating and CFM when comparing products. The lower the Micron Rating the finer the filtration. Beware of products without a published Micron Filtration Rating and units that have a regulator with only one outlet port. Our regulators have two outlet ports, one with regulated air and the second with unregulated air so another regulator can be added.


We offer three brands of Air Purification with the following components: Oil and water separators, water traps, dryers, coalescers, desiccants, and regulators.


Clean Air Units


Reading Technologies Extractors/Coalescers/Desiccants

SMC Extractors/Mist Separators

Economy Oil/Water Extractors

Air Regulators

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