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“What Maintenance Do You Recommend For Our Spray Booth?”

The following spray booth maintenance schedule includes the Federal and Fire Marshall Requirements because they are intermixed with the mechanical maintenance.



  1. The exhaust filter manometer gauge should be checked. When the resistance across the dirty exhaust filters exceeds .5 inches of resistance from when the filters were new, change the exhaust filters. 


  1. At the same time, vacuum the booth exhaust chamber.


  1. As needed clean the floor and/or replace the flame resistant floor paper, and replace any burned-out tubes.



  1. In addition to the weekly maintenance, the wall-mounted water and coalescing compressed air filter elements should be checked as well as any fresh air breathing filter elements.


  1. Replace the optional spray booth intake filters when a similar .5 inches of pressure drop across the intake filters exists.


  1. If you have an Air Make-up Unit (AMU), the intake filters on the AMU should be cleaned or replaced and the chamber cleaned at this time.



  1. In addition to the weekly and quarterly maintenance, the fire suppression system may need to be inspected and tested per local or state codes, (if not semi-annually than for sure annually). 


  1. If the booth is used daily, the strippable coatings on the lights and walls my need to be renewed.


  1. Grease intake and exhaust fan and motor bearings, check pulley alignment, and V-belt inspection and adjustment. Check fasteners, set screws, and lock collars on all intake and exhaust fan assemblies.



  1. A HVAC technician should service the natural gas, propane, or oil-fired air make-up unit. Most booth fires start in the exhaust stack, consequently the booth exhaust chamber, stack, and fan blade should be cleaned from top to bottom. With the fan blade clean and the V-belt properly tightened, the air velocity in your booth should average a minimum of 100 fpm across the new exhaust filter panels (There are some exceptions to this 100 fpm velocity for enclosed car and truck booths.).


  1. Arrange for an annual fire suppression inspection and test by a licensed mechanical contractor. 
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